For active travellers willing to step outside their comfort zone.

For active travellers willing to step outside of their comfort zone. Stroll, take a local bus, ride a scooter, hike or stand up paddle boarding.

What will you get on RAW LJUBLJANA TOURS? Genuine experience, unexpected wonders, cultural understanding, amazing photos, incredible scenery.

Be a participant, not just a spectator!



Hidden natural treasures by bike tour

Ljubljana in its vicinity hides numerous natural pearls, which fascinate every visitor. Gorges, waterfalls, lakes, ponds, hills, views, forests, rivers, streams. Read more


Group canoe tour

Experience the magic of a beautiful Ljubljana with different eyes. Paddle along the Ljubljanica in a large canoe with your loved ones or friends. Read more                                                                       


SUP - Stand up & paddle tour

Want to see Ljubljana in a different way? Treat yourself to different views, a different "floor" under your feet, different smells, different feelings.           Read more


Hiking to Rožnik hill

Where does a citizen of Ljubljana go when he's tired of the bustle of the city and has an hour available? One of the most popular routes is to go through the city park Tivoli to Rožnik hill. Read more

tito bike

Socialist - Tito's Ljubljana by retro bikes

Personal and realistic insight into what life in Yugoslavia was like under Communism and then Socialism and what has happened since. Read more

darker side

Ljubljana's darker side unveiled

Visit places you will never find in any tourist guide! What happened after 1991, the tycoons stories, the abandoned buildings; sub-cultures, squats, and graffiti art on a way! Read more

tito bus

Socialist - Tito's Ljubljana by local bus & on foot

We will take a local bus to Ljubljana's suburb where you will discover how average Yugoslav lived and worked under Communism. Read more