Small-group 6-10

Trust us to assist you in organizing a Ljubljana city sightseeing tour for your group.

Trust us to assist you in organizing a Ljubljana city sightseeing tour for your group. We offer a range of Ljubljana sightseeing tours specially designed for small groups. For young and active travellers, group and FIT tours, educational tours, school / college groups.

Small group Ljubljana sightseeing tours mean you’ll stay under the radar, travel the local way, eat the local way and experience the city in the way you will never forget…and soon be back!
Meet the locals, eat like locals, be active as locals! Small group, big adventure!

Ljubljana & Idea Tours operates a group department with a multilingual staff. We operate a lot of group tours each year and in almost every case these tours are tailor made for our clients. If you have a group that you would like us to quote you for please contact our Group Department This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or fill in the Enquiry Form.

We also provide all the ground arrangements such as hotels, van/coach hire, guide services, visits, lunches, dinners, concerts and entertainment built into varied itineraries to meet each group’s special requirements.

must see

Must-see Ljubljana

Definitely a must-do! This tour is much more then just a ordinary tourist walk. Discover Ljubljana's medieval past, stories behind the elegant baroque facades and immerse yourself in Ljubljana's spirit. Read more

must see castle

Must see Ljubljana with castle tour

Wonderful views from the castle, medieval stories about brave knights, the handsome Habsburgs and their influence on Slovene people and a lot of stories behind Ljubljana's most visited attractions! Read more

tito foot

Socialist - Tito's Ljubljana on foot

Revive the Yugoslav "good old days" when everyone had a job, a flat, a car (usually some Zastava one) and went on holidays! Feel the communist era with best items! Read more

tito bike

Socialist - Tito's Ljubljana by retro bikes

Personnel and realistic insight into what life in Yugoslavia was like under Communism and then Socialism and what has happened since. Read more

tito bus

Socialist - Tito's Ljubljana by local bus & on foot

We will take a local bus to Ljubljana's suburb where you will discover how average Yugoslav lived and worked under Communism. Read more

darker side

Ljubljana's darker side unveiled

Visit places you will never find in any tourist guide! What happened after 1991, the tycoons stories, the abandoned buildings; sub-cultures, squats, and graffiti art on a way! Read more


Where it all began

88.5% of all electors (94.8% of those participating) voted for independence of Slovenia – 25 June 1991. Discover where the disintegration of Yugoslavia began. The only political tour in Ljubljana! Read more


Group canoe tour

Experience the magic of a beautiful Ljubljana with different eyes. Paddle along the Ljubljanica in a large canoe with your loved ones or friends. Read more                                                                       


SUP - Stand up & paddle tour

Want to see Ljubljana in a different way? Treat yourself to different views, a different "floor" under your feet, different smells, different feelings.           Read more


Hidden natural treasures by bike tour

Ljubljana in its vicinity hides numerous natural pearls, which fascinate every visitor. Gorges, waterfalls, lakes, ponds, hills, views, forests, rivers, streams. Read more


Hiking to Rožnik hill

Where does a citizen of Ljubljana go when he's tired of the bustle of the city and has an hour available? One of the most popular routes is to go through the city park Tivoli to Rožnik hill. Read more

food foot

Ljubljana fast food tour on foot

Our favorite fast food stall? Take this tour if you are tired of ordinary tourist tours. Apart from Ljubljana's history, you will also get an overview of Slovene culture and influences to our cuisine. Read more

food roll

Ljubljana fast food tour by roll jets

To experience a culture one must experience their cuisine. Take this tour, get on a "kind of a scooter" and taste our best fast food variations, visit stalls where the locals meet and eat! And drink, as well!            Read more

food bike

Fast food tour by retro bikes

Mix with locals, explore the city while tasting delicious Slovene fast food and discover secret recipes. You know the culture when you tasted their cuisine and that's why we will take you beyond the tourist attractions to taste the best fast food in the city!     Read more


Fancy a cup of coffee or tea?

Visit a Slovene family at their home, get to know what their everyday schedules are, what kind of food do they cook at home, how people live nowadays and see how their apartments look like! The original & unique tour, not yet seen in Ljubljana! Read more